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Utopian Republicans Create Credibility Cavern

August 6th 2006

Utopian Republicans Create Credibility Cavern

Search for Utopia

Please excuse my impudence, but I strongly disagree with Newt Gingrich's assessment that the globe is embroiled in World War III. Currently there are some very violent regional conflicts in the Middle East that have been a direct, although unforeseen, response to the Bush Administration's War Against International Terrorism. These conflicts, though, do not measure up to the confrontations between industrial and economic giants of the 20th century.

In spite of the horrible consequences of American intervention in the region, Gingrich and the Bush Administration seem almost giddy that relations between Israel and its neighbors are now in a state of war. "What we're seeing here," claims Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, "are the birth pangs of a new Middle East." She says that the mission of the US in guiding this conflict is to, “be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one.”


Oh, if only it were that simple. We throw some shock and awe at the terrorists and they come out of their holes begging us to forgive their indiscretions against humanity and offer them the mercy of a quick execution. Alas, we know changing the Middle East is not that easy. Instead America has been led into a hot war between cultures that has been fought, and lost, before.

The fact that the ilk of Gingrich and Rice are preoccupied with converting the Middle East is curious and it is hard to comprehend how shredding the region with laser-guided bombs is going to induce the people of that area to hand in their Qur'an's and adopt post-modern Western materialism. The haunting notion keeps coming back to me that America's involvement in the region is about something different than the “ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.” Comment on this article at our Forum


The problem with contemplating this possibility is that it can only be confirmed by the people who are devoting America's blood and treasure to the conflicts on the other side of the world. To date they seem to offer us nothing but high-sounding platitudes about preserving liberty and undoing evil. It is hard to understand how displacing regimes in third-world countries half way around the world defends Americas borders or way of life when the currency is being diluted by government debt, the health of the economy is being sold to a global trade system, and our loved ones in the military are being sent around the world for causes that do not seem define their actions.

To be sure, America's wealth and power are being used for someone's benefit. Our quandary is that we really can't know whose. America's political leaders tell us that they are working to preserve our freedom and security. Their claims ring hollow against government decisions that take private land through eminent domain, intrusions into our financial actions, monitoring of our electronic and telephone communications, and the eradication of the middle class by tax codes and trade agreements that favor companies that move their factories from this country to those with cheaper labor.


So the political class is losing its credibility with the public from which it gains its legitimacy and the public is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the political class as it loses its wealth and its independence. This is not a condition that will contribute to the stability of the world's remaining superpower—if, indeed, America is still, truly, a superpower.

America is facing some very serious problems because its political leaders have been seeking historical greatness instead of serving the current interests of the public. They have had dreams of transforming the world and establishing a global cornucopia of endless wealth. The most “conservative” among them have become as Utopian as any Marxist who ever lived and, in the process, have learned to misrepresent the truth with the skill of the most deceitful liberal. Their attempt to convince their supporters of their conservatism has just left a trail of broken promises and forgotten principles.

Hence, the American public is being called to supply the delusions of people who are dangerously out of touch with reality or, worse, meet violent regional conflicts as opportunities to enhance their reputations with voters who unquestioningly and fawningly accept their rhetoric.

This is the inherent flaw with national government. While the US can benefit from a government that regulates the relations between the states and regulate the economic system, it doesn't need megalomaniacs who believe that their wisdom and application of power can transcend history and reality to convert the world to a paradise that serves the whims of this country.

Their ambitions are not only unattainable, but they are subjecting a lot of innocent people to a spreading ring of violence. Perhaps they will come to their right minds before that ring spreads to these shores.

Comment on this article at our Forum

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By Bob Strodtbeck
Bob Strodtbeck has been writing editorial commentaries since 1993.  He has professional experiences in pharmaceuticals, radio, and education.  He has also served as a church elder in an Orlando congregation where he has made his home since 1986.rvstrodtbeck@peoplepc.com

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