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Buying a Treadmill Online What You Need to Consider!

February 20th 2006

Buying a Treadmill Online  What You Need to Consider!

Buying a treadmill online

Not too many years ago the idea of buying a treadmill online would have been absurd. Now a significant portion of sales are conducted through the Internet. And with those Internet sales, many are through a shopping cart. More and more people are buying treadmills costing as much as several thousand dollars, without ever having any human contact. Who would have thought? What are the benefits of buying online?

The Convenience of Shopping From Your Home When you purchase online you avoid the hassle of traveling all over town checking out various models. For city dwellers you know how time consuming and frustrating that can be. You also are not subjected to pushy salespeople, particularly the ones who work on commission. They are more likely to try and upsell you on features and functions that are not necessary for achieving your fitness goals.
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But even worse are the salespeople in the mass merchant stores. They don't have a clue on what they are selling, and what would best accommodate your needs. Without ever having to walk out your door you can comparison shop numerous brands and treadmill retailers. There are no fast talking salespeople, only the facts in black and white. The Internet is a treasure trove of information. And if you are thorough in your research, you will probably know more then many of "Fitness Equipment Experts."

Saving Money Buying Online Another important benefit from buying online is the potential savings. Of course, you can save a considerable amount from not paying taxes. Depending on where you live that can be as much as 10%. And with a quality treadmill that can add up to more then just pocket change. Although it is not always the case, you will often find the retail prices lower online. When a business sells online, in comparison to selling through a retail store, their overhead costs are substantially less.

If a salesperson is involved, than you have to factor in commissions. All those costs can factor an additional 10%-15% to the price tag. But don't just assume that when you buy online you are saving money. There are a several Internet fitness equipment retailers who inflate the MSRP, and than suggest they are offering drastic discounts. If you do your homework, you'll figure out where the real bargains are.

Drawbacks of Buying Online Of course, the biggest drawback is you don't get to take the treadmill for a spin. And that is a consideration if you are not familiar with treadmills and their features. You may need to go out and face the crowds in order to get a feel for different brands and their features. Fortunately the Internet can give you a virtual experience through reviews, ratings and customer testimonials. And in many cases this information is more reliable then a few minutes walking or running on a treadmill.

Considerations when buying online:

  • Check to makes sure the treadmill is a name brand, backed by independent ratings and reviews. There are a number of sources that provide reviews, including my site Treadmill-Ratings-Reviews.com.
  • Make sure the treadmill is built with quality components. Like computers, treadmill manufacturers use similar parts. Be certain the parts are reputable and that the overall construction meets or exceeds the standards required for your needs.
  • A warranty says a lot about the quality of a treadmill. Companies are not going to offer an exceptional warranty if the machine tends to breakdown in a short period of time. Warranties are an indicator of the overall quality. I recommend that you buy a treadmill that offers at least a one-year service warranty. There is one company selling treadmills under $2,000, with a two-year service warranty. If you plan to buy a budget treadmill consider an extended warranty.
  • Make sure your treadmill is backed by exceptional customer service. Treadmills are complicated pieces of machinery. There is a good chance during the life of the machine it will require service. Whether you buy online or at a retail store, make sure the company has an excellent customer service record. Online company reviews can be found at Shopping.com and BizRate.com.
  • As with any high-ticket item do your homework before you make a purchasing decision. Shop and compare using the indicators listed above. Buy smart and you'll end up with a treadmill designed to reach your fitness goals.


    By Fred Waters
    Fred Waters is author of the http://www.treadmill-ratings-reviews.com Treadmill Ratings and Reviews web site, where you can compare over 90 models. Check out his Treadmill Buyer's Guide. Contact Fred 


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