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Treadmill Warranties Say It all!

March 6th 2006

Treadmill Warranties Say It all!

Check the Warranties

If you are in the market for a treadmill, you are going to be overwhelmed with the various models and the features that are available. Treadmills come in a myraid of configurations, and the quality of the components can be as different as those found in a Mercedes versus a Yugo.

Here is an example of some considerations:

  • What size motor is proper for my needs?
  • What should be the length and width of the treadbelt?
  • How many programs are adequate?
  • What size roller is best?
  • How thick should the deck be?

To complicate matters further, as with any competitive market manufacturers label their features with hyped up names. Suggesting they have some unique design that makes their models special. Here is an example of one company that uses terms for features found in most other treadmills: SafeZone Lift System; Smart Board Console; RapidResponse Drive System; and ComfortZone Cushioning System.


Trying to interpret all this terminology, while also comparing numerous specifications, can give a person a migraine.

There is one feature that cuts through the hype and really reflects the quality of the machine. It is the warranty. It can't be masked with some fancy trademark name. It is what it is. A short warranty implies a machine that is cheaply built and not design for sustained use. A lengthy warranty suggests a machine that is durable and should require minimal service.

A warranty factors in the economics of the treadmill. It is not profitable to have an extensive warranty on a machine that is likely to breakdown. A company would lose money if they have to constantly repair the treadmill. It is expensive taking customer service calls, sending out new parts, and paying for technicians.


Here is an example of a couple of treadmill warranties. The treadmills found in the mass merchant stores often have a 90 day parts and service warranty. In comparison, the majority of Sole treadmills come with a 30 year motor, lifetime frame, 3 year deck/electronics / belt / rollers, and 2 year service warranty. You don't need to excel in advanced math to figure out which is better quality.

When you get a treadmill with a 90 day warranty, the company is more or less saying, "We didn't build this machine to last and after 90 days good luck." Of course, you are going to have to pay more for a treadmill that will not self-destruct in 90 days.

I always recommend you purchase a treadmill that has at least a 1 year service, 2 year parts and 5 year motor warranty. Of course, there are other considerations like:

  • Will you use the treadmill for walking or running?
  • Do you want heart rate control?
  • Do you want folding or non-folding?

But overall the warranty should be the single most important factor in your purchasing decision. The coverage reflects both the quality of the components and the durability of the treadmill.


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By Fred Waters
Fred Waters worked in the treadmill industry for a number of year and is author of the http://www.treadmill-ratings-reviews.com Treadmill Rating and Review site


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