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Discount Treadmills Are They Really a Deal?

April 6th 2006

Discount Treadmills  Are They Really a Deal?

Treadmills Online

We all want to save money and buy at a discount. When it comes to treadmills getting the best value is particularly important when you consider the price.

A treadmill can cost a small fortune. And if you are not sure it won't end up as an expensive clothes hanger, you want to be cautious on how much you spend.

Whether you buy online or in a retail store, you'll find just about any treadmill is marked down significantly from its list price. List prices have no basis in reality of the true value of the treadmill.

It is no different than other products like cars, jewelry, furniture, etc. The problem becomes, what is the real value, and how does that compare to the discount price. Having worked in the treadmill business for a number of years I know how companies manipulate the prices to give the illusion of value.
You'll find some retailers suggesting their prices are reduced as much as 60%. That is absurd. So how do you determine the true value of a treadmill, regardless of the discount price? By comparison shopping. There are three important factors to consider when buying a treadmill:

  • Treadmill Features and components
  • Warranty for both parts and service
  • Company reputation
  • Features and Components Treadmills have a number of features and components that are found on models.

    Examples are the motor, deck, running service, incline, programs, console and rollers. By comparing the various components and features you can determine how one model compares to another. For example, you may find a treadmill selling for $1,000 that has a 18"x 52" running surface, " deck, 1.5 hp motor, 4 programs, 1 3/4" rollers, LCD console and weighs 150 lbs. You could find a treadmill at the same price with a 20"x 54" running surface, 1" deck, 2.5 hp motor, 7 programs, 2.5" rollers, LED console and weighs 200lbs. The numbers reveal that the second model is a much better buy.


    Warranty It should be noted that not all treadmill components are equal in quality. And the unfortunate truth about the treadmill industry is they tend to exaggerate on the specifications of the parts. One factor that reveals the true quality of the treadmill is the warranty. An extensive warranty suggests the treadmill is built to last. If it wasn't the company would go out of business with excessive repairs. When purchasing a treadmill look for a minimum 5 year motor, 2 year parts and 1 year service warranty.

    Company Reputation Another important factor in determining the value of a treadmill is the company reputation for quality and customer service. There is a good chance that once you purchase a treadmill you will either have some questions or you may need service. You want to purchase from a company that stands behind their machines, and is there when you need assistance. Check out some of the more popular shopping comparison sites for information on customer satisfaction.


    There are also a number of sites that review treadmills, including, and So ignore the discount price, which is nothing more than marketing hype. Follow the recommendations above and you will determine the true value of a treadmill.

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    By Fred Waters
    Fred Waters worked in the treadmill industry for a number of year and is author of the Treadmill Rating and Review site. Check out the latest reviews on over 75 of the most popular treadmills, and get important buying tips from the Treadmill Buyer's Guide.  Contact Fred


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