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A Solution to Fur Shedding

Cat fur

May 24th 2005

Now, with the weather warming up, it is time to thin the winter coat of our furry pets.

On our old cat, I use the old style toilet brush, the kind with a bristled loop at the end of a long handle. With a minimum of bending over it provides the maximum of leverage needed to lift the fur that would otherwise cover our floor. A large comb extracts the removed fur with ease to make the brush all clean again. Judicious dipping of the brush in a little bucket of cool water even makes for a refreshing bath of sorts.

When I stop too soon, which is almost always the case for her, I can expect her to stop nibbling on my big toe or lollygagging around on the lawn. She then turns, claws and bites my pants or arm just enough to say, “Come back. Where are you going?“ I am sure the tiny amount of blood she sometimes draws is an accident. Anyway, a few harsh words would have forestalled her attack if I felt it necessary.

Of course the same brush would work on other animals be they dog or cat, or Cat-Dog or CatDog. Please just tell us about your experiences with your animals at our web site

Allen Wilson



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