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Bob Strodtbeck


Bob Strodtbeck has been writing editorial commentaries since 1993.  He has professional experiences in pharmaceuticals, radio, and education.  He has also served as a church elder in an Orlando congregation where he has made his home since 1986.

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The Suggested 5-minute Announcement that can Change the World

Victory in the War Against International Terrorism is as Close as Main Street

Politics - Where do you start to restore the country?  Look in the mirror

How is Supporting the Iraqi Occupation Supporting the Troops?

Conservatives lose their principles when they achieve national power

How Important is it to Support the GOP Record?

Dear Republicans,  Please Save America Before You Save the World - Open Letter to Republican Party Concerning War Against Iran

Peaceful Democracies become Belligerent with bad Leaders

The World's Indispensable Nation needs Third-World Investment

The Constitution of 1788 is a threat to the government of 2006

American government too important to serve Americans

Does Christian support for the GOP erode Christian influence over the culture?

President Bush's utopianism is a betrayal of Biblical doctrine

The Bush Administration faces the integrity of independent free thinkers in red states

Christians aren't perfect, just easily kept on the political plantation

Conservatives and Christians in power find liberal tactics appealing

Traditional Families will survive America's collapse

Katrina’s New Orleans Damage

NCAA Influence on Sports Culture

Taxpayer support for the World Economy

Appeal to the Democrats

America the dumb

Fashion Sense



Conservatives voting Republican might become the new definition of insanity











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