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The War in Iraq

July 5th 2005

Abu Graid

There are no truths or constants in war except for one: hate.  This one truth, illustrated throughout history has conveyed one idea: hate breeds; and Vietnam and its aftermath are an example. The brutality men fell subject to and were a part of is something ingrained into the soul of this country; a scar that cannot be healed. The ignorance of citizens who treated soldiers like savages and the nation that shunned them is a wound that has congealed over and one that still lingers in the hearts of these men.
A widely opposed war, it is argued that Vietnam could have been prevented. Many labeled it a needless bloodshed and cast their downward glances upon the soldiers who fought it. Yet it was not these men who decided to fight.

It was not the 18-year old boys, fresh from high school and still terrified of death who wanted to kill. The blame for this war was improperly placed and the consequence of this is an entire generation that is still bitter and hostile.


America is again in danger of this. The war in Iraq is a point of controversy, like Vietnam. Whether simply a “ploy” for cheaper oil, or truly to further democracy and its ideals, you can hate the war. It does not matter why it is being fought necessarily, but simply that it is.  People are dying, whether it is because of a price or a belief. Either way, it is equally disgusting and countless will be killed in abhorrent and unimaginable ways.

War begins because of hate, and usually does not end because of love or any similar emotion. It ends because of exhaustion, of death, and of the simple desire to be done. When it is over, some will be angry. Then they will hate. Then you are left with an awkward, callous people who will not accept the past.

America needs to prevent this with Iraq. You can hate and speak out against the war all you want. Everyone is allowed the 1st Amendment and to orderly protest. Burn a flag, yell, scream. But do it to the right people. Do not torment the already besieged men and women who are coming home because they finally can. Don’t attack them anymore. They’ve had two years worth of that.

This is not to say America is a glorified country who now may bask in her magnificence and simply bestow her greatness upon lesser lands. This is simply to state that more hate will do no good. It will not stop the war or erase what has happened. It will only instill a stronger revulsion for these soldiers. Hate the idea, not those who supported it.

By Molly McHugh
Molly is a freelance writer



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