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Dan Wilson

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List of Articles:

Jodie Foster Says Mel Gibson Not Anti-Semitic - Video Tape Worse than TMZ Early Reports Police Source Says - Avoid Going to Trial May Plead

Christians Believe Conflict in Middle East Means End Times is Near - Pat Robertson Says Read Ezekiel 38 - Republicans United For Israel Too

Snoring Warning Sign For Higher Stroke Risk - Sleep Apnea More Than Doubles Risk for Ischemic Stroke - Spanish Study Determines Risk Factor

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish) Lowered PSA 77 Percent In Lab Study - Also Lowered Prostate Cancer Tumor Growth by 22 % - Ratio of Omega-6

Mel Gibson Makes Second Apology - Admits Anti-Semitic Remarks At Drunken Driving Arrest - Asked To Speak at Jewish Temple Yom Kippur

Two Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs May Lead to Better Treatments – Mushroom Extract Aids Chemotherapy and Scientists are Learning Why Cancer Does Not Die

Father's Age is Risk Factor For Miscarriage - Over Age of 35 Genetic Abnormalities and Defects Associated with Sperm - Depends on Mans Age

Gap In Medicare Coverage Hitting Seniors Enrolled in Part D - What Happened?  Donut Hole Hits Drug Plan Recipients with Extra Costs

New Cancer Drug Approved in Britain - Sutent Expensive But Effective in Fighting Tumors Two Ways - SMART Starve Tumors and Stop Growth

Mel Gibson Arrest Cover-up Denied By Los Angeles Sheriff - TMZ website Claims Lee Baca Was Concerned and Ordered Report Rewritten

Lindsay Lohan Heavy Partying Interfering with Filming - Lawsuit Threatened - Actress Acting Like Spoiled Child on Georgia Rule Set

Predicting Who Is Vulnerable for Recurrent Blood Clots Getting Closer - The Answer is in Protein Thrombin Generation - Venous Thrombosis

David Hasselhoff Cut Arm or Hand While Shaving - Denys Reports He Was Drunk - Says He Was Affected By Medication at Airport

How Much Sun Do You Need For Vitamin D Production?  60,000 Die Each Year From Sun Exposure - Melanoma and Cataract Is Health Burden

Pamela Anderson Will Get Married Four Times In One Month To Kid Rock - France Tennessee California and Detroit Michigan

Is Nicole Kidman Pregnant? - Seen At Hollywood Party Talking To Tobey Maguire Fiancée With Bruised Leg - Honeymoon With Keith Urban

New Good Cholesterol Raising Drug Will Be Sold Stand Alone - Previously Company Planned Combining With Lipitor For Heart Patients

Alzheimer's - High Estrogen Levels Linked To Dementia – Netherlands Study of Older Hawaiian Men – No Association Found with Testosterone

Men and Boys With Autism have Fewer Neurons Than Counterparts without Autism - Brain Structure Not the Same in Autistic People

Jessica Biel Sells Herself to Highest Bidder For a Good Cause - John Wins a Date With Blade Trinity and 7th Heaven Star for $30,000

Secretary of State Says Quick Cease Fire Would Be False Promise - Will Travel To Israel and Italy to Meet Arab Country Representatives

History of the Gold Standard and Why it is so Valuable - Coins and Other Precious Metal Investment Stocks Go Typically up in Uncertain Times

Home Loans and What you Need to Know to Pre-Qualify For a Mortgage - Income to Debt Ratios and Credit Reports

People Living In "Food Deserts" Die Early - Diabetes Heart Disease and Cancer Linked To Lack of Grocery Stores - Black Neighborhoods Risk

Congress Debates Federal Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding Program - President Promises to Veto any Funding Measures or Bills

Was Jessica Simpson’s Dad Spying on Nick Lachey – The ex’s Met Up With Each Other In LA and Were Seen Hugging

Indoor Swimming Pools Linked to Childhood Asthma - European Study Shows Increased Rate of Wheezing In Children From Western Countries

Heavy Children More Likely to Die Prematurely – Overweight Teens Pass Away At a Younger Age – Nurses Health Study II

Non-Surgical Lung Cancer Treatment Combination Extends Life - Inoperable Small Cell Tumors Can Be Treated With Heat

Brain Injury May Be Reversed With Common Sleeping Pill - Ambien Has Helped Some Patients Regain Use of Some Functions - Reverse Damage

Fertility Treatments Not As Effective As Natural Method - Infertility Experts Recommend Infertile Couples to Keep Trying

US and Chinese Weapons and Technology Being Used in Israeli Hezbollah Conflict – Israelis Were Surprised by Attacks on Warship and Cities

New Blood Test Screens For Lung Cancer Before X-rays can Detect it - Non-Small Cell Most Common Diagnosed Lung Cancer 

Brad Pitt Leaves Angelina Jolie and Daughter At Home To Announce The Finalists of Architectural Energy Saving Contest In New Orleans

Pick the Right Home Loan - Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) Give Lenders More Security - Easier To Qualify For Than Fixed Rate

Justin Timberlake Movie Career Not As Successful As Music 

Positive Link Between Glaucoma and Type 2 Diabetes - Most Common Form of Both Diseases are Related According to Study

Overweight People More Likely To Have Asthma - Obesity Linked to Lung Ailment - Australian Study Found Protein That Triggers Attacks

Angelina Jolie Takes Role In Brad Pitt Film About Mariane and Daniel Pearl - Was Jennifer Aniston Supposed to Get Part?

Israel Invades Lebanon - Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped By Hezbollah Backed By Syria and Iran - European Union Criticizes Israel For Attack

Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes Baby Suri Not Seen Yet - Ultrasounds and Sonograms Dangerous According to Some If Done By Untrained People

Study Recommends Screening Babies for Heart Rhythm Defect - Long QT Syndrome Could Be Cause Of Sudden Infant Death 

Pregnant Women Who Smoke Linked To Behavioral Problems in Toddlers - Maternal Smoking Mothers More Trouble with Terrible-Two Kids

Oprah Winfrey's Debt Diet - Author David Bach Talk About Loans Credit Cards and Consolidation and Repayment

Johnny Depp Rated Kindest Movie Star – Pirates of the Caribbean Actor Asked both Kate Moss and Winona Ryder to Marry Him Before

List of Safer Tuna - Environmental Group Says Mercury Levels High in Tuna Caught in Ecuador and Mexico - Trader Joes and Dolphin Safe Best










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