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Encephalitis Conference in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

July 11th 2005

Faces Conference

The FACES (Friends And Caregivers Encephalitis Survivors) Encephalitis Conference is proud to welcome friends old and new to attend and learn more about encephalitis, from the people it has touched.

Encephalitis Global Inc. President Wendy Station is an encephalitis survivor. She says, “It’s our annual time of the year to raise awareness, and let the world know that we have a voice. So often, problems such as encephalitis are swept under the carpet, as folks just don’t understand… and don’t wish to take the time to understand. We would like to change that.

Judith Ashton of Encephalitis Global Inc. and also an encephalitis survivor adds, “Those who survive encephalitis often face a range of serious cognitive and physical impairments. For example, some survivors may be left with a variety of memory problems, including amnesia. Other survivors may be left with attention and organization problems and far-ranging difficulties in processing information. Many have speech and language difficulties. Some experience profound fatigue and sleep disorders. Survivors also may have a range of physical disabilities, from paralysis to partial paralysis to significant balance and gait problems. They may also have seizure disorders. Encephalitis may touch anyone from young infants to elderly persons and those who survive are likely to require extensive rehabilitation services and may or may not regain former functional abilities to work or to live independently.


"This illness is so frustrating for some survivors and their families because many of the disabilities we have as a result of contracting encephalitis are not readily apparent. Thus, those who don't know us well may not understand how difficult it may be for us even to perform basic daily activities. A noisy environment may trigger a seizure. We may not be able to process information quickly enough to drive a car or perform a job. We may not be able to concentrate long enough to do basic housekeeping activities. We may be overwhelmed by the complications of simply writing out checks. Our balance may be so poor that we cannot use the public transportation system." 

Guest speakers at FACES include Elaine Dowell from The Encephalitis Society in the United Kingdom, and Joseph Conlon, of the American Mosquito Control Association.

“Some forms of encephalitis are transmitted by insects, including the West Nile virus," says Wendy Station. "So often, West Nile’s most serious impact is measured by the basic fatality count. We hope for people to learn about the encephalitis survivors, and the struggles they are facing. Our message is simple. We have survived. We are here. And we are fighting back.”

The FACES Encephalitis Conference will be held September 9th through 11th 2005, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Visit www.encephalitisglobal.com and click the FACES logo, for more information.

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Wendy Station, President
Encephalitis Global, Inc.


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