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Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson is a columnist from Northern Minnesota.  She specializes in nutrition and travel.

Nicole is our assistant editor.

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EBay going to up Fees for Sellers with an eBay Store
Start Investing in Gold –  American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins
Career Schools –  Vocational Training School Health Care Industry
Ebay bans Google GBuy Payments for eBay Auctions
How to become a Paralegal – Education and Certification Helps
How to Become a Notary Public Signing Agent
Hedge Funds Investing – Description of a Hedge Fund Account
Employment Opportunities – Strategies for Job Hunting
Interest Rates and Home Loans – Mortgages Comparisons
eBay Adcontext – eBay strikes back with Google
Online Credit Card Processing - Google to Launch new GBuy
Ebay Selling - How to market your item on eBay
Yahoo CEO gets new salary of $1 a year through 2008
Foreclosure Homes – Buying a REO Foreclosed Property
Investment Strategies – Why Invest in Gold, Silver, and Platinum?
Real Estate Agent Licensing – Steps to Getting Realtor license
New Franchise Opportunity - Dagwood Sandwich Shop by “Blondie"
Flipping Real Estate Property for a Profit – Is it a Safe Investment?
Financial Advisor – How to work at home as a Financial Advisor
eBay Express website launched Fixed Price Traditional Storefront
eBay Competition – Will Google be the next big Selling Company?
Resume Writing - How to Write a Resume to Increase Salary
Apple Software Release - Apple Remote Desktop 3
What is a 401k - Benefits of this type of Retirement Account
Google Base and others may be the new competitors to eBay
Investing - Should you buy your Company's Stock Options?
Selling on eBay – Drop Shipping to help grow your eBay Business
EBay’s “Buy It Now” might be closed down Patent Infringement
Ebay Selling- Researchers find the most profitable Auctions
Family Debt increased and more may be forced into Bankruptcy
Ebay Selling - How to determine what to sell on Ebay
Zillow Website will calculate what a Home is Worth
How to buy Treasury Bills for Short Term Investing
10 Steps to buying and starting your own Franchise Business
Is Buying Stocks and Investing Online better than a Broker
Selling on eBay to make Extra Income
Start a Roth IRA Savings Account for Retirement
Drinking Alcohol while on the Job – Survey Results

Current Events
Bird Flu – Human to Human Transmission of H5N1 virus confirmed
North Korea getting ready to test new Ballistic Missile
Former Miss Texas Contestant – Amy McElhenney arrested
Alberto Hurricane Update – Possible Category 1 Hurricane
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez opens own Movie Studio
Ethanol Biofuel Manufacturing Plant to be built in New York State
Pat Robertson warns that Bad Weather is coming to the USA
Solar Energy Initiative – California approves $2.9 Billion Program
19 Brands of Dog Food Recalled - killed at least 100 Dogs
U.S. Postal Service mailing rate increase starts January 8th

Colin Farrell stalked on Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Leah Remini has seen Baby Suri
Britney Spears moves out of the House Temporarily
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock getting married on July 29th
Jessica Simpson selling Customized Songs with your Name
Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 in California
Britney Spears says no to another season of Chaotic Reality Show
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are Getting Married
Star Jones Reynolds and Barbara Walters Update
New Cirque du Soleil show “Love” Opens Tonight at The Mirage
“The View” gives co-host Star Jones Reynolds the Boot Early
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got married in Australia
Jolie and Pitt’s son Maddox being stalked by Photographer
Angelina Jolie interview said We’ll Adopt Next Time
Britney Spears Baby News – She wants to give birth in Namibia
Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” show is a Winner
Shiloh Nouvel Baby Photos now on Newsstands
Billy Preston - Rhythm and Blues Star Dies of Kidney Failure
American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks signs a Record Contract
Larry Birkhead is father - Anna Nicole Smith Second Pregnancy
June 06, 2006 – 06-06-06 or 666 – Superstition and “The Omen”
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt register website Domain for Shiloh
Oprah’s TV show Bird Flu – How to Prepare for the Pandemic
ABC's ‘Lost’ TV Show – May 24th Season Finale Answers
“The Da Vinci Code” Movie stirs up Critics before Opening Night
Elvis Presley home Sold on eBay to Psychic Uri Geller
Baby First TV – new channel premieres just for Babies
‘The Facts of Life’ TV Stars Reunite to promote release on DVD
Watch TV Online – CBS launches Innertube Website with Free TV
Bird Flu  - “Fatal Contact – Bird Flu in America” ABC Movie May 9th
HD-DVD movie titles and Toshiba HD-DVD player now shipping
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Scientology ‘Silent Birth’
Madonna Confessions tour is a sell out Concerts being added
Lost Gospel of Judas – National Geographic has it Translated
YouTube.com – Express yourself for the World to see
Christopher Reeve’s widow, Dana Reeve, Dies of Lung Cancer
Google Video to put 103 Films online from The National Archives
“The Da Vinci Code” Dan Brown being sued by Historians
Lisa Marie Presley gets married for 4th time in Japan
“America Idol” 10 million more viewers than the Winter Olympics
“Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”
TV Shows for Download on iTunes
Wilson Pickett dies of Heart Attack at age 64
Sundance Film Festival Premiere black Jesus in ‘Son of Man’
 “American Idol” for a Fifth time on FOX
Angelina Jolie Pregnancy with Brad Pitt - Baby due in Summer

Obesity is not always connected with a high BMI Rating
Weight Loss - Why some Diet Supplements help Suppress Appetite
Autism – Brain of Autistic Males have Less Neurons for Emotions
Myelin Repair Nerve Damage and Paralysis - Stem Cell Transplants
Alzheimer’s Treatment - Diabetes Drug may help treat Alzheimer’s
Bladder Cancer – a protein helps to spread Cancer
Reduced risk of Stroke and diseases shown with Natural Vitamin E
Hepatitis C Virus could help stop replication with Statins
Happiness is a Concept – Rich and Wealthy are not always Happier
Cystic Fibrosis – RNA interference correcting Chloride Transport
High Blood Pressure – Drink low-fat Milk help Lower Blood Pressure
How to Reduce Stress - Helps in Weight Loss and stay Younger
Celiac Disease – Enzyme Therapy treating Gluten Intolerance
Fountain of Youth – Secrets to Living Longer new Understandings
Menopause Hot Flashes could be helped by taking Gabapentin
Weight Loss - Eating Trans Fat can make you fatter
Oprah's Bootcamp Show – Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover
ADHD– Pine Bark Extract reduced Symptoms
Type 2 Diabetes – Elevated RBP4 indication of Insulin Resistance
Quit Smoking with a new Vaccine for Smokers
Type 2 Diabetes – PSARL Gene discovered that may lead to a Cure
High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy - ACE Inhibitors Birth Defects
Cancer and Heart Disease are much lower from drinking Green Tea
Asthma – Breathing Exercises can help in Mild Cases
Type 1 Diabetes – Gene Therapy prevented Onset of Symptoms
Lung Cancer – Tumor growth increases with loss of a Protein
Treatment of Neuropathy associated with Diabetes
Diabetes Type 2 – New Understandings treatments in the Future
Overeating Costs Money - Hidden Costs with Gaining Weight
Air Fresheners and Cleaning Chemicals could have Health Risks
Enlarged Prostate – Botox may help relieve Symptoms of BPH
Metabolic Syndrome – Increased risk for Heart Failure in Middle Age
Cancer – Killing cancer cells with a modified Vitamin E Succinate
Dry Eyes – Protein plays a role in Dry and Infected Eyes
High Blood Pressure - RESPeRATE helps lower Blood Pressure
Diabetic Eye Health – Statin Drugs May help Blood Circulation
Prostate Cancer – excess Milk and Meat may Increase Risk
HGH and Endorphins increase when you laugh
Medications dangerous interactions with Grapefruit Juice
Dr. Oz’s 90 Day Plan on Oprah - how to get Younger and Healthier
Stroke Prevention - Recommendations American Stroke Association
Obesity – Statistics Underestimated Americans are Overweight
ADHD – may be caused by Genetics and Environmental Toxins
Hearing Loss – Researchers study Inner Ear Damage
Antibiotics and Hearing Loss – taking Aminoglycosides
Weight Loss Hormone may help Obese Eat less and Move More
Uninsured People on the Rise – Working Adults no Health Insurance
Sleep Apnea - Pillar Procedure offers Surgical Treatment
Colon Cancer – DNA gets ‘switched off’ and allows Tumor Growth
Heart Attack Damage used Stem Cells to Repair the Heart Muscle
Diabetes Type 1 – Potential Cure for Juvenile Diabetes
Asthma – Dirty House is better than a clean one for Children
Mississippi Medical Board shuts down Ear Stapling for Losing Weight
Pregnancy – Recommendations to help prevent Birth Defects
Bubonic Plague found in Woman from Los Angeles
Mediterranean Diet reduces risk of getting Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease – Risk Increases in Overweight and Obese
Bird Flu Pandemic – President Bush and Emergency Response Plan
Nutrition – Why Consumers by Mega-Brand Name Food
Mumps Spread in Midwestern States – CDC investigates
Sleep Apnea and Allergies – Children that Snore Parents that Snore
ADHD – Daytrana Methylphenidate Patch approved by the FDA
Fat Smash Diet – Four Phase approach to Losing Weight
Lasers Blasts away Fat – Possible treatments for Acne, Cellulite
High Blood Pressure and Renal Disease – Possible New Approach
Laser Light Therapy, Electrostatic Pulse Technology may Grow Hair
Prostate Cancer – Cruciferous Vegetables slow Tumor Growth
Botox Treatment – Lower Doses, be Safer and more Effective
Cancer Tumor Growth increased by 2 – 4 Alcoholic Drinks Daily
Sleep Apnea – CPAP Treatment helps Improve Heart Function
Metabolic Syndrome prevented by Eating Magnesium
Artificial Knee Joint Replacement Surgery next 20 Years
Emphysema - Smokers Healthier Lungs by eating Beta Carotene
Diabetes Type 2 – Sleep Duration can increase risk
Heart Failure Patient first to have HeartWare’s HVAD Implanted
Facial Chemical Peel - Which Peels Work Best
“French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano
Prostate Cancer Tumor growth stalled Raloxifene Drug Treatment
Gastric Bypass Surgery with Severely Obese Lower Blood Pressure
Plastic Surgery Procedure – Radiesse, Restylane and Botox
Anti-Psychotic Drugs taken by Children have drastically Increased
Atkins Diet - Researchers do not recommend has Health Risks
PSA lowered, Tumor Stalled by eating Capsaicin Hot Peppers
Colon Cancer can be prevented with Early Colonoscopy Screening
High Blood Pressure – early treatment slows Hypertension
Children with Sleep Apnea have a hard time using the PAP machine
Heart Patients Statin Drug removed Plaque in their Arteries
High Blood Pressure – Salt Substitute can Lower Blood Pressure
Xylitol Chewing Gum gaining in Popularity – Prevents Tooth Decay
Obesity Risk – Fat causes Killer Inflammation Response
Scientists making healthy foods to fight Obesity
SIDS – Babies with abnormal Serotonin Levels
How to Lower Cholesterol by eating a selection of Healthy Foods
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Concerta
ADHD Children - Researchers believe watching TV does not cause
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hearing Loss may be Unrelated
Age Related Macular Degeneration - Genetic link increase Risk
ID Chip Implants being used during Medical Emergencies
High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol lowered by eating Rice Bran
Depression - Emsam (Selegiline) Drug Patch Approved
Sleep Sensing Technology could help diagnose Sleep Apnea
Breast Cancer – Possible increased risk Antiperspirant Deodorant
Diabetic Monkey cured with Pig Cells – Diabetes type 1
Cancer Risk increases with Obesity
Diabetes Eye Health improved with a Marijuana compound
Early Treatment of Prostate Cancer had better Survival Rate
Rheumatoid Arthritis Understanding Why Gold works for Treatment
Trasylol has Serious Side Effects- Lawyers may have Lawsuit
The Jerusalem Diet – 24 Hour Dieting
Heart Attack or Stroke Risk for Dying Increased by a Low-Salt Diet
Arterial Tonometer - Painless Quick Test for Heart Disease
Pregnant women affected by High levels of Stress more Miscarriage
Allergy sufferers find relief with over-the-counter medication
Stroke Patients with Aphasia helped with Speech Device
FDA defines term “Whole Grain” for Food Manufacturers
Acupressure more effective for treating Lower Back Pain
Botox could be used to help Shrink Cancer Tumors
Teeth Whitening - downfalls to doing it at Home
Atkins Diet may not be good for your Heart
Congestive Heart Failure Death Risk reduced by taking Diuretics
Self-Predications creates Success or Failure in People
Link - Hearing Loss and lower Levels of Aldosterone Hormone
Metabolic Acidosis Patients at Twice the Risk for Mortality
Eating Vegetables may help DNA Repair - Guard against Cancer
Global Warming shortening RSV season,Serious Respiratory Illness
Babies more chance for Complications - Pregnancy in Obese Moms
Pritikin Diet helped treat Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Risk of Stroke reduced by eating more Fruits and Vegetables
Constipation Sufferers have New Prescription Drug (Amitiza)Managing Anger – Study says Angry Men cause Injuries
Botox Treatments at Botox Parties may be Dangerous
Arthritis Damaged Cartilage may be treated with Stem Cells
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Related to Heart Disease
Parkinson’s disease - LRRK2 Gene mutation Identified
Skin Cancer Melanoma have increased in California Hispanics
Cancer and Lymphoma Warnings on two Eczema Drugs
Wine drinkers eat healthier than Beer drinkers
Eating Fish high in Omega-3 Fatty Acid makes Babies Smarter
Lawsuit filed by Marlboro Smokers for Lung Cancer Screenings
Saturated Fat Overload Cells Die – Increased risk for Diabetes
How to get Pregnant Emotional Desires during Ovulation
Yogurt bacteria may help prevent AIDS and HIV Transmission
Bladder Cancer detection with a new easy in-office Urine Test
Heart Disease - Plant Compounds slow down Blood Clots
Bipolar Disorder newly discovered FAT gene Doubles Risk
Lipodrene Diet Pill supplements contains Ephedrine Alkaloids
High Blood Pressure patients - abnormal Sodium and Potassium
Heart Disease can be caused by Stress
Special Needs Students start Fish Oil trial
Magnet Therapy needs better research to Prove Benefits
Depression caused by a lack of P11 Protein
Genetics may increase risk for major Depression in Women
Gene found to help Stop the Spread of Some Cancers
Tips for Losing Weight from author of  “Small Changes, Big Results”
Study finds that Birth Control Pill can cause sustained loss of Libido

Home and Leisure
Ten things you can do with your Kids this Summer Vacation
Apartment Rental Listings – Online Comparison Shopping
How to become Debt Free – Planning and Action Needed
How to Hire a Moving Company – Checking Ratings Important
First Time Home Buyers – No Money down Home Loan Mortgage
Qualifying for a Home Loan – Steps for being approved
Pole Barn Kit – How to Shop for a Do-it-Yourself Building Kits
Online Shopping – Tips for Buying on the Internet Safely
Home Schooling – The Pros and Cons
Genealogy and Ancestry– search internet for Family Tree History
Robotic Lawn Mowers – Sit back and Watch the Grass get mowed
Closeouts and Bargain Hunting – NBC’s Today Show on Shopping
IRS Tax Credits for Hybrid Cars - List of Rebate Amounts
Online Bridal Registry - Wedding Gifts made Easy
Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs – Patio Furniture offers many Choices – Wood, Aluminum, Cast Iron and Plastic
Discount Cruise Vacation Packages - Websites offer Cheap Rates
Home Improvement Loans – Benefits to a Home Equity Loan
Smart Car is a fuel efficient Vehicle – Not a Hybrid or Electric Car
Credit Card companies offer 5% Gas Rebate Cards save money
Patio Covers – Which type to install Fabric, Metal, Vinyl, or Wood
FICO Credit Score – How to improve for Lower Interest Rates
Hybrid Cars – Selling out due to High Gas Prices
Should you build an above ground or underground Swimming Pool
Credit Card Bills – How to Understand Interest Rates
Oprah’s Debt Diet series is Catching on across the Country
Hybrid Cars, Hydrogen Fuel, Ethanol – New Technologies
2nd Home Mortgage Loan – Benefits to Home Equity Line of Credit
How to Save Money - Coupons when Grocery Shopping for Food
Get a Savings Account started even when Your in Debt
Home Improvements - Increase the Value of your House
Who should have Life Insurance and What Kind of Policy
Hybrid Car Benefits – Why buy a Hybrid?
Oprah’s “Debt Diet” - Financial Trouble Thoughts and Attitudes
MSN Travel revamps their Website - multiple Travel Features
Consolidate Credit Card Debt with a 2nd Mortgage
Credit cards that offer No Late Fees may have Hidden Costs
Car Sharing – Zipcar and Flexcar saves Money and Time
Oprah’s “The Debt Diet” series offers good Financial Help
Review – Lexus luxury Hybrid the GS 450h Sedan
Student Loan Rate Increase coming July 1st
Shorten the time for Paying off Credit Card Debt and Save Money
GM’s “Live Green Go Yellow” Campaign to Fuel the Ethanol Industry
How to Budget – Budgeting can help pay off Debt
How to qualify for your first Home Loan
Refinancing your Home Loan to Consolidate Debt
Hybrid Car Advantages – How to Save Money
Online Schools are popular way to get a Degree
Which is better Full-Day or Half-day Kindergarten
Hybrid Cars – new designs on display at Auto Shows
Organize your Home One Room at a Time
How to get Lower interest rates on Credit Cards
2006 Honda Ridgeline Truck - Honda Civic wins Best of the Year
I-Sold It stores will sell your stuff for you on Ebay

Science and Technology
Sony PlayStation 3 – Sony getting ready for PS3 Distribution
MySpace Child Safety – Imbee allows Parents to supervise
Google Search for US Government Pages Launched Today
Technology News - Forget the Mouse Use your Brain
Hydrogen Fuel – Sensor Node detects leaks
Hurricane Season – Are Storms Getting Severe Global Warming?
Google Earth Software helps you find your way around the World
Global Warming could be changing the Climate in Pakistan
Google buys SketchUp Free Version 3D Modeling Software
Scientists believe Global Warming will cause 20 feet rise Sea Level
Microsoft’s Blue&Me debuts at Geneva International Motor Show
Rochester Institute of Technology make 26 Nanometer Chips
Nano Technology may make cleaning Toilets a thing of the Past
Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips
Apple’s New iPod Radio Remote new Model has handy features
Apple’s new iMac computer Intel Core Duo Processor Twice as Fast
Pulse-LINK Inc. CWave Gigabit Video Streaming Application at CES

Golf Tournament - 2006 British Open coverage begins July 20th
Burn Body Fat by Exercising in the Morning before Breakfast
Weight Lifting– Cherry Juice could relieve Muscle Damage Pain
Weight Lift to Lose Body Fat – Ideas to get you started
The World Cup 2006 - Watch out for the New Soccer Ball
NASCAR – Corporate Sponsors spend Millions for Logo on Race Cars
Muscle Building and Weight Loss – Increases Metabolism
Weight Loss Plateaus – How to get back on track to Losing Weight
Physical Fitness - How to become motivated with Exercise
Benefits to having your own Home Gym

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