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Harvick wins the USG Durock 300 NASCAR race

July 10th 2005

Kevin Harvick Wins

Kevin Harvick had to hold off Greg Biffle to win the USG Durock 300 NASCAR Busch Series race at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois on Saturday.  Harvick held on to the lead for the last 19 laps earning him his second victory of 2005. 

"I got a good start and never had to check up through (turns) 1 and 2. Once we got out (in) front it was that much better. There for about 10 laps, you didn't have to let out of the throttle," Harvick said.

A loose lug-nut cost Ryan Newman dearly after leading from the pole position the first 118 of the 200 lap race.  Newman’s Dodge was a power house from the start, but a penalty on pit road put in into third place.   


Biffle, who came in second place held some resentment after the race saying "I think Kevin Harvick is a chicken. I think he's a punk and I wish he was sitting right here beside me …If you want to know how I really feel, I'd get points taken away…He had to try to block to keep us a lap down and he stayed behind the 41 for as long as he could so we wouldn't be the lucky dog. Whatever he needs to do to try to win - I guess he needs to because he hasn't won in a while”. 

Harvick responded to the criticism by saying "I think the biggest thing he needs to do is remember we were all racing. If he wants to step outside and take care of it we can. He needs to remember I still owe him one from 2002. He just needs to quit whining about it and just race."

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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