10 Best Survival Shows Worth Watching (2021)

If you’ve run out of ideas when it comes to new shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service that you might use, perhaps a survival show might be a good option. But which one should you pick? We’ve showcased some of the best survival shows below so that you don’t have to do the research yourself.

1. Survivorman

There’s no doubt that Survivorman is one of the best survival shows currently available, and for a good reason, too. Les Stroud has a huge amount of experience both with creating a new survival show once in a while and with handling any challenge that nature might throw at him.

In a way, Survivorman is somewhat similar to Alone as Les Stroud also makes the best of every bad situation by himself. There’s no doubt that thanks to this survival television show, you will learn a lot of useful information which could come in handy at one point.

You might want to try watching the early seasons on Amazon or Hulu since later on, the TV show basically turns into an attempt to hunt for Bigfoot.

2. Alone

The Alone TV series has been rolling on History for a while and it’s been getting more and more popular with every year that gets by. The 10 contestants are sent to completely different areas, so they have no way of helping each other.

Alone might also be the best survival series if you’ve been searching for a realistic show since the participants are given camera equipment, so the task of filming is only theirs.

It’s definitely interesting as it often takes place in unusual places such as Northern Mongolia or Patagonia, where the survivors have to cope with a variety of bizarre weather conditions and predators.

3. Win the Wilderness

Are you searching for some shows like Alone? If that’s the case, Win the Wilderness is going to disappoint you as it’s one of the best survival shows on Netflix, but it doesn’t feature just one individual.

Actually, it’s more like a traditional reality competition show, especially when compared to the variety of other survival shows on Netflix available today. The focus is on different couples who compete against each other and rough forces of nature to survive and win.

While some might say that it’s less adventurous compared to others, Win the Wilderness is a top survival show if you’re looking for a classic. Plus, every couple is different, and so are their tactics.

4. Out of the Wild: Venezuela

If you have Discovery Channel or you watch it online, Out of the Wild: Venezuela could be the best survival tv show to watch on a Friday evening with friends. How does this wilderness survival show stand out from the crowd?

Well, all of the participants aren’t experts, so they will have to make do with whatever they have available and whichever skills they might be equipped with. In fact, they are so inexperienced that they might actually put their health and safety in danger. 

We’d say that Out of the Wild is a pretty realistic series, so if you don’t want to feel like you’re watching something with a script, you should check it out. 

5. Man vs. Wild

If you love Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild could be the best survival show for you. It has aired every year since 2006 to 2020, and it can be found on BBC America, Prime Video, Hulu, and a variety of other streaming services.

While it can’t be considered a new survival show in any way, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. The wilderness tv show teaches you helpful skills that you might need at one point in your life.

Grylls goes where tourists can get stranded or in dangerous situations and shows you how you can get out, survive, find sustenance, and make it until you are found.

6. The Island with Bear Grylls

Do you think you could survive if you were to be stranded on an island? That’s the question that Bear Grylls is asking in this survival tv series.

The outdoor survival show features 13 British individuals on an uninhabited and completely remote Pacific island, where they have to film themselves and make do with anything.

The only thing that they are allowed to have with them before getting to the island are the clothes on their bodies. This is the best survival tv series if you’re looking for something realistic rather than having to watch a scripted one. 

It’s available on Prime Video, but it can be found for free on Tubi or PlutoTV, for example. 

7. I Shouldn’t Be Alive

This survivalist TV show is a little different in that while it doesn’t put people in potentially dangerous situations such as other survival television shows, it does feature real individuals that have managed to come alive out of extremely challenging scenarios.

The survival show can be watched on Prime Video, but there are some online services that air it for free, such as Tubi. It has as many as six seasons and 61 episodes, so you aren’t going to finish it in a timely fashion.

However, it’s no longer running and there are no plans for filming any new episodes.

8. Dual Survival

If you’re looking for shows about survival, but you’re sick of the whole story behind ‘Alone,’ this survival show might make the right choice for you. It features two people instead of one and there’s no real competition about anything, but the two do have to compete with each other.

Another detail that makes the difference between this survivalist reality TV show and others is that the individuals who participate in it are actual survival experts. So you’ll learn a lot of useful things from the professionals if you decide to watch this.

This is one of those survival shows that are available on Discovery and Hulu instead of Netflix or Prime, though.

9. Mountain Men

If you love the comfort of your home, especially during the cold season, you might want to find out how people from Montana, Alaska, or Maine live outdoors for the entirety of their lives.

This wilderness survival show looks at how individuals can cope with their existence when they’re constantly under the threat of inclement weather or predators.

Moreover, this survivalist show keeps you at the edge of the bed and we might even go as far as to say that no minute is boring. If you’re also an aficionado of mountain men that have long beards and are in great shape, this survival reality TV show might be right up your alley.

10. Survive This

Although it’s not exactly a new survivalist show since it started airing back in 2009, this one is a little different than some of the others that we have showcased here. First of all, it’s Canadian, and it features teenagers, not adults, like most other survival shows.

Every episode is narrated by Les Stroud and he’s the same person who gives teenagers the challenges that they have to overcome to win. Unfortunately, it is no longer being filmed, so you can’t expect any fresh episodes from it.

You can, however, watch the first episodes online and for free, which means that you don’t have to get a Prime subscription to see whether it’s one of the survival tv shows that you might like.

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